Rookie Tackle Football season starts at the beginning of August and usually ends before Halloween. We practice 3 times a week usually after 5:30. Our games are on Saturdays.

By playing Rookie Tackle, coaches and administrators can:

  • • Increase a team’s coach-to-player ratio
  • • Play and teach in an age-appropriate space
  • • Decrease the cognitive load on individual players
  • • Lessen the number of players on the field for more individual attention
  • • Focus on skill development
  • • Foster a fun, positive experience for young players

These are just some of the factors that allow coaches to dedicate greater attention to skill development, especially newly introduced skills of blocking, defeating blocks, and tackling. A greater focus on teaching these aspects of the sport advances young players’ understanding and learning of foundational skills, helping them transition to 11-player tackle and regulation-sized fields at the next stage.

Westlake Youth Football League is a member of the Little Southwest Conference for 3rd and 4th-grade Rookie Tackle. All of our coaches are USA Football Certified

We are a member of the Cleveland Browns Next program.

Rookie Tackle is 7 on 7 played on about the same size field as flag football. You can see this year's rules here: 2021 Little SWC 3rd 4th Rules (1)


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